buzz kills

American neo-noir action thriller short film produced by London Levine Pictures. It is the first installment in the Buzz Kills series.



Many Roles Available 

Project Synopsis

2019 American neo-noir action thriller film directed and produced by London Levine Pictures. It is the first installment in the web series.

The story focuses a cocaine infused antihero (A stylistic, John Wick with a sense of humor) cocaine infused trip. who robs a local drug dealer. But not before he decides to have a drink and catch a strip show.


This action packed short film takes place inside a strip club where the boss (head drug dealer) is the target!


Bouncer  ($125 day rate) - 20-40's, '"HEAVY-TYPE" over 6'2 and BIG, 2 scenes


Lilly ($125 day rate) - Waitress/Bar Tender - 20-30, Okay with wearing lingerie, 2 scenes


Security 1 and 2  ($125 day rate)  - Do not have to be as big as BOUNCER but at least 6' tall, please list any prior stunt work or fight choreography, 1 kick ass fight scene


Leo - Club Owner ($125 day rate) - 40's and over, we are looking for all types but 2 distinct "looks": Old strip club owner, lost his hair and dignity awhile ago OR PIMP style. Must be okay with pistols. 3 scenes.


DJ ($125 day rate) - 20-40 MEN or 20's FEMALE. You don't have to be an actual DJ, 2 scenes, a few fun lines and you get shot a few times. 


Fire Fighter ($125 day rate) - "Dancer with an extra ability" - 20-40's, SEXY and THICK Women. This short film takes place in a strip club so you obviously have to be okay with wearing lingerie. NO NUDITY for this roll but you will have to act as those you have a special skill set that gets the crowd wet. 2 scenes


Susan - "Dancer" ($125 day rate) - 20-35's. You get shot and our lead actor takes your bra off to stop the bleeding. You will have pasties and we will blur it out as well. 2 scenes


Mandy - "Dancer" ($125 day rate) - 20-40's. 


Coco - "Dancer" ($125 day rate) - 20-40's.


Business MEN ($125 day rate) - We are looking for a few featured background who don't mind wearing a suit and hanging out with some girls. As chaos happens you panic and run out the club. We'll have fake drugs and some drinks to keep you busy prior. Half day. 


Strip Club Patrons ($125 day rate) - We are also looking for a few featured background to come hand out for a few hours, have a few drinks and fill our club, hang out with some of the girls. Half day. 

General Information

Project Name :  BUZZ KILLS

Project Type  : Short Film

Union Status : non-union

Project Rate : Scale/Paid

Submission Due By Date : 05/15/2019

Usage/Run:  July 2019.


Casting Information

Casting Company:  London Levine Pictures

Casting Director(s) : Chris Levine, London Moore

Casting Associate(s) : N/A

Casting Coordinator(s) : Christina Schwartz

Casting Assistant(s) : N/A

Director: London Levine Pictures

Producers: Chris Levine, London Moore, Damion Dean

Production Company: London Levine Pictures


Audition Information

Audition Dates: TBD


Callback Information

Callback Dates: 06/15/2018, 06/22/2019

Shoot/Performance Information: Shoot Dates