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Account/Producing Intern

If you have sales experience, enjoy socializing and are quick to respond to day-to-day project management, this is the role for you! Communication is key in this internship. Taking notes, compiling presentation packets for clients and organizing a production wrap process in a timely manner are some of the responsibilities.

Crew/On-Set Intern

Are you a quick thinker? If you can ensure schedules, timesheets and notes for projects and arrange hospitality, craft services and meals for shoots, this is the internship for you! You would be responsible for making sure every member of the team is on the same page to ensure productions run smoothly. You would be responsible for travel, errands and delivery for anything that needs to be taken care of for the production.

Post Production/Assistant Editor/Animator Intern

Do you have a passion for editing, design and animation? We are looking for an intern to assist our Senior Editor in prepping editing projects –labeling clips, syncing audio, pulling selects and making rough edits.  We are looking for someone who has some experience working in NLE, if you know what that stands for, that’s a good start. We find the best post-peeps are detail oriented, organized, good at juggling multiple projects and not satisfied with “good enough.” Additionally, there is a lot of work to be done in After Effects, motion graphics and VFX, so if you know any animation or want to learn more then there’s plenty of opportunity for that as well. We work with Adobe CC – Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder, Illustrate and Photoshop.

Story Development/Film Dev Intern

Do you have a desire to make meaning? We are an emerging and award winning independent film development and production company focused on telling stories that engages audiences and create value for investors. Recently, launched in Los Angeles! If you have a creative mind, enjoy visual storytelling, and furthering our company this is the internship for you!

Application Process | Click above to apply and complete the steps listed there, which include taking a survey and uploading your resume/cover letter. Your resume should document your academic and work accomplishments, awards, and experience. Your cover letter is a good chance to show us your personality, career objectives, and how you might contribute to London Levine Pictures. Please also include a date you would be able to begin your internship. Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format.

This is an opportunity to learn from a vast array of aspects in the film, media & post-production segment of the industry. One of the key advantages for working with us, is that we perform a large number of tasks, and you will have the opportunity to develop a pretty in-depth and solid skills and knowledge. We run the gamut from working on motion pictures of different sizes, as well as various types of legacy media conversions. We dream big, then we wake up and make big happen. We love what we do, and we can’t wait to share our passion with you.


This summer, we would like to hire as many as seven interns in the following roles (NOTE: when you apply for an internship you’ll be considered for every available position, so only apply once): please apply to the role you are most interested in as priority will be given to that.

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