This is one of our most frequent questions. The truth is, video production costs can vary significantly. There are several factors that determine the cost of a video, many of which can be broken down into 3 categories: pre-production, physical production, and post-production.


A successful project has strategy at its core. So before we sketch a frame or set up a light, we develop every bit of creative direction and production around your goals.

Are you working against a pressing deadline? Depending on your project, quick turnaround can affect pricing. The earlier in the process we know about time constraints, the better.

Different projects have different pre-production needs. Yours may require storyboard development, location scouts, casting or other necessary efforts to ensure a successful video.

Whether you've already developed your creative approach or are just now deciding you need a video, we can help out. Our team of writers and directors can help find the best creative solutions for your project.

Physical Production

We shine on set. Our professional crew will make the process fun and enjoyable while ensuring the footage captured is perfect for your project.

Most shooting locations require some level of fee to film there. Also, moving film crews during shoot days takes quite a bit of time. The more locations we're in, the more time we spend moving and the less time we spend shooting.

Lights, dollies, jibs, drones, TelePrompTers, trailers...there's a lot of gear and equipment that goes into production. Our producers will work with you to find the right balance of equipment to effectively shoot your project.

As it is with most professions, experience truly matters. The talent, skill and experience of the team capturing the creative vision affects the cost. A recent film school graduate has a lower rate than an industry veteran; most likely, your project needs a combination of both.


This is where it all comes together. Once all the footage is in the can, we begin weaving the final video together in post.

What the camera sees and what you want your audience to see are two different things. We’ll make sure the color correction process is fast and perfectly balanced for the look you want for your project. The costs and hours associated mostly depend on the complexity of the edit.

This is what is going to set your film apart from the rest. We work with major sound companies to make sure your dialogue is crisp, your levels are perfect and that explosion rocks in the theater or on Video On Demand. We also oversee a crucial step for International sales: make sure your M&E tracks are usable, clear and approved for foreign usage. 

Your movie is done and now it’s time to get people to see it. We work with numerous foreign and domestic distribution and sales agents to help get your film sold. We also work with Regal, AMC and ArcLight theaters to handle your premiere screening with red carpet treatment and professional photography. Also ask us about our Marketing Programs to gain awareness and create sales through social media and traditional marketing techniques on any budget. 

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